The triple body workout has many benefits for companies wanting to look after their employees. A dynamic office workout including the mental, physical and energetical pilar can increase the productivity, health and mood of a workspace. One of the great benefits is that it shows morals and care to your employees.

This holistic sequence is a full body experience including a diversity of well-being and health increasing tools, to look after peoples energy levels, mental and physical health. It stimulates blood flow which is very beneficial to especially the brain. In fact, it is shown to increase your brain power: better memory, problem-solving, and multi-tasking. A group training is a good way for people to meet, connect and feel even more involved in the company.

As result?
Employees will be happier to come to work and be more productive. Sick leave decreases while staff moral and company reputation increases!

Community Circle

The Community Circle was started with the belief that every single one of us is resilient, and that our resilience can be fostered with the help and support of a community.
The Community Circle offers three programs, each with a commitment period in which we gather. During the first program we explore our inner worlds, discover the deeper layers of our being to create self awareness and clarity about our lives. We do this by listening and tapping into our mental, physical and spiritual self. This is truly a transformative program to become a more authentic version you!
The second program is a follow up and only available to those that accomplished the 1st program. In this program we focus on how to keep a body, mind and soul connection and show up authentically, from our inside to the outside world and not the other way around.  We do so using mind mapping, goals setting and the creation of alignment with who we are in different aspects of life. We stimulate our motivation, decisiveness and personal power - to redirect our lives into services of our higher good!
The 3th program is open for new participants as well as for the existing community. This program is focussed on creating healthy habits - from morning routines to rituals and energy management. How to keep focus in a world full of distractions?
We work on this by creating the habit of repetition, routine and consistency via tools that support this progress! This program offers team support, discipline and change in lifestyle !
The community circles are dynamic groups of men and women between the age of 20 and 45. Its an opportunity for transformational growth and redirection in life, to live in alignment with who you truly are and to experience more satisfaction and purpose.
We look after our wellbeing through tools such as meditation, breathwork and movement techniques which you can use forever. And ofcourse, you will experience the power of community.
A place and space for personal growth, self-reflection, learning, and bonding.
We invite you to reach out and join us.

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The youth is the future! How would the world look like if we empower and guide children and teenagers with mental, physical and spiritual health from an early stage on?

Self-regulation, the ability to monitor and manage your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, is the foundation for all other learning! Developing self-regulation skills is one of the big jobs of child and teenage -hood. Sometimes kids develop self-regulation naturally but more often in our current culture kids struggle with this.
As mindfulness isn't a basic subject at school yet such as sport is, we want to provide workshops for the youngsters, with physical, mental and spiritual tips and tools to regulate their own nervous system; Resulting in a better understanding and connection with themselves and others, as well as it maintains a healthy immune system, decrease tantrums and increases brain function and confidence! Imagen children breathe themselves out of a meltdown? Wouldn’t that be amazing.. 

Research now shows that caretake or school-based health interventions has an increasing effectiveness and can lead to population-wide improvements in mental health, physical health, educational, and social outcomes.

This class gives children the space to explore their inner world, focusing on what they can notice when they go inside, how to vocalize their feelings and provide tools they can use for self-regulation such as breathwork techniques, meditation and body movement. This class is fun, educational and transformative!



Hire me as facilitator

There are any amazing places and spaces out there collaborating with other practitioners. I as well am a big believer of combining powers and working together.
Looking for a coach to facilitate a holistic workout or guide a breath workshop?

I am your girl!

Certified as rebirthing breathwork therapist and holistic coach with plenty of work experience, I been working together with other professionals in the field, national and internationally.  
Whether its a wellness festival, retreat, studio space or private event

feel free to reach out and chat with me about it!