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Woman who gather.

Updated: Jan 12

Women use to gather since ancient time and women gatherings is a universal ritual in history. Ladies-only circles still happen all around the world, many directly tied to menstruation and the moon cycles, which has been a tradition that date back to 800 CE.

For quite some time I have been gathering with girlfriends during full and new moon too, creating a safe space to check in and explore womanhood. Gradually this became a ceremonial moon / woman circle I host for the public. This event specially designed for women’s spiritual, mental and physical health also includes moon, menstruation and sexual education. Awakening your creative, sensual- self and connect with others. Feel supported and empowered while speaking your truth and improve the relationship with your own gender. This sense of connection and community can be incredibly healing and leave you feeling a little lighter. A sacred space for women and girls to show up and be. This fun and playful women circle includes breathwork exercises, body work and body awareness, spiritual practices and meditation, as well as specific topic talks and the time for reflection and integration. Sounds a guided moon gathering with your tribe like something you like to experience? I am ready to host and deliver an soulful experience!

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