Experience the shift that can happen by joining just one circle and get a little tease of what joining the 3 month program could be like!


Not 'just' a breathworkshop

My journey as a facilitator started with breathwork and evolved over time into a transformative program. The program included lots of breathwork as well as other disciplines to support the inner wealth and self-development process what the program is about.

in 2023 I will be offering breath circles again. Studios & schedule to be continued! Beside a high quality breathwork session it will also include some extra guidance to get a taste of the transformative 3-month program 'Exploring inner and outer worlds' will be like!

Learn healing practices like breathwork, release tension from the body, tap into your energetical being and purify the mind. 
Receive guidance to a better understanding of your inner world, dare to speak your truth and stand in your power!