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Spiritual psychology session

As a certified rebirthing life coach, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you,
but not knowing where to turn to first. The rebirthing psychology and its spiritual approach goes beyond the superficial level to look at cellular level instead. Its simple:
Cut the mind crap and dive straight to the core. Find out your truth and develop a deeper inner-connection.
Education, tools and resources for a greater self-awareness.
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Meet online or in-person 1 hour  111,- euro
( A minimum of 3 sessions)
Dutch / English

Dancer in Sunset

Rebirthing Breathwork &
Spiritual Psychology session

Rebirthing breathwork is an alternative therapy and not the same as a breath workshop. Its intensity and effectiveness is higher and should always been given 1:1 under the guidance of a professional facilitator. I am a qualified rebirthing therapist and offer high quality sessions. You will reach another state where you are able to process thoughts and feelings spiritually, mentally and physically. You can access and release the tension of experiences/trauma’s that left a cellular imprint and created a blockage on your body.
Our bodies are very wise. The way that our communication to our body manifested our lives, is the same way we can reprogram those cellular imprints; by feeding it love. Therefor we must become aware of our imprints and with the combination of this theory and practice ( psychology and breathwork) we are able to rebirth ourselves!
It can be beneficial for people struggle with trauma’s, depression, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, physical dysfunctions, low life energy, concentration issues or want to improve their spiritual, mental and physical state.
A session will be designed to ones personal desires and needs and is highly recommended to anyone willing to master their lives.

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Meet in person, 2+ hour session 222,- euro
( A minimum of 3 sessions)
Dutch or English

Dancer in Sunset
Modern Ballet Dancers
Modern Ballet Dancers

Full package coaching

Everyone holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes we need some extra help. For those who want to go all in, this 1:1 full service coaching option will give you all the education, resources, tools, and personal guidance you need.
Find optimal wellbeing through developing a deeper understanding of your habits and lifestyle choices. Create alignment and balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self.
It’s time to start nurturing your mind, body and soul again.

What you get;
Pre-work exercise
spiritual psychology
rebirthing breathwork therapy 
Recap session via email
homework exercise
check-in phone call between session
Whatsapp support

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Meet in person and online 3+ hour session 333,- euro
( A minimum of 3 sessions)
Dutch or English